In this section we group a series of video documents and other dissemination material prepared by the members of the Life in Common Land team.

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LIFE IN COMMON LAND - Presentation

LIFE IN COMMON LAND, which in Galician means life on land in common, is a project that takes place in a place of great natural value in the Natura 2000 Network: A Serra do Xistral.


This first video presents the LIFE IN COMMON LAND project (LIFE16 NAT/ES/000707) emphasizing the priority habitats of bogs and wet heaths to which the project's conservation actions are directed.


Here is the second video presentation of the LIFE IN COMMON LAND project, which transmits the importance of traditional uses in the conservation of the habitats of the Serra do Xistral Special Conservation Area.


Last video presentation of the project LIFE IN COMMON LAND, with the figure of the Neighborhood Mountains in Common Hand as an element of great importance for the conservation of the Serra do Xistral SAC, as well as a sign of social and cultural identity of the territory. Communities of Neighborhood Mountains in Common Hand are the great protagonists of the LIFE project.